Carol Whitton, MA, MS, CG

Carol Whitton, MA, MS, CG – Carol specializes in German genealogical research. Currently Project Director, St. Louis Genealogical Society, she’s a graduate of Germanic Research Salt Lake Institute for Genealogy, the National Institute for Genealogical Research, and Virginia Institute for Genealogical Research. After retiring, she worked as a genealogist at the National Society of the Daughter of the American Revolution. In 2013 she coordinated St. Louis Genealogical Societies’ summer German Institute.


Class description:

Meyers Gazetteer and Other Parish Finders  Using Meyers Gazetteer is now easier because it’s online in English, but what do you do with it? Can you find your parish using it? Or will you still need other parish finding aids? Learn how Meyers provides more. Also, learn about other parish finding aids and gazetteers and how to use them.