Chris Nordmann

Chris Nordmann – Christopher A. Nordmann, Ph. D. is a professional genealogist specializing in African American and St. Louis area research. The late Gary B. Mills directed his dissertation, “Free Negroes in Mobile County, Alabama,” which was based upon genealogical research. His publications include “Jumping Over the Broomstick: Resources for Documenting Slave “Marriages”’ in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly. He is the 1985 recipient of the Louisiana Historical Association’s Presidents’ Memorial Award for the best article of the year in Louisiana History. He serves as the National Genealogical Society Quarterly review editor  


Class description: 

Locating your Ancestor’s Slave Owner: Records and Case Studies – Finding the name of a slave’s owner is one of the most challenging aspects of African American genealogy. Case studies will illustrate methods and resources used in locating the names of two former Missouri slaves, one born in Kentucky, the other in Virginia.       


Freedmen’s Bureau Records –  It may now be easier to find your ancestors in the period immediately after the Civil War among Freedmen’s Bureau records with the recent indexing project of those records. This class will discuss the types of records — such as marriage, apprenticeship, and labor contract records — that the Bureau generated and how to access them.