Dennis Northcott

Dennis Northcott  Dennis has been on the staff of the Missouri History Museum library and archives since 1989. He has compiled numerous guides to the museum’s manuscript collections, including an inventory of the extensive Civil War holdings. He is the creator of the Missouri History Museum’s Genealogy and Local History Index, an ever-growing index that provides access to genealogical sources in the library and archives. 


Class descriptions:  

Finding Your Ancestors at the Missouri History Museum Library & Research Center. The Missouri History Museum Library and Research Center holds a wealth of resources that tell the stories of our St. Louis-area ancestors. City directories, military records, company newsletters, school yearbooks, historic photographs, letters and diaries, and newspapers are just some of the sources that may hold the secrets to your family’s history. Join Missouri History Museum associate archivist Dennis Northcott for an entertaining and informative look at the genealogical treasures stored at the Library and Research Center. 


Researching Your Civil War Ancestors. Did your Civil War ancestor wear Union blue or Confederate gray? Or was your ancestor a civilian affected by the tumult of the war years? Missouri History Museum associate archivist Dennis Northcott will introduce you to the vast array of genealogical documents and publications that the war produced. Learn about service records and pension records, publications and records of veterans’ organizations, letters and diaries, and more.