Emily Jaycox

Emily Jaycox – Emily Troxell Jaycox joined the Missouri History Museum library staff in 1989. Prior to that, she worked at the Newberry Library in Chicago and Lake Forest College Library.  Her undergraduate degree in History is from Oberlin College and her master’s in Library Science is from the University of Chicago.  While working among old books and documents, much of her workday is spent planning ways to make more of MHM’s collections searchable via the Internet.  Her research interests include historic maps, immigration, and the history of etiquette and food.   


Class description: 

Maps for Genealogists– There’s much more to maps than simply finding directions! Historic maps showing long-lost boundaries and landmarks can help give you a better understanding of your ancestors’ lives. Several specialized types of maps—including plats, fire insurance maps, and geological survey maps—may reveal new facts about your family history. Using maps in conjunction with other primary sources can yield even more information and help you feel as though you are walking where they once walked.