Fred Held

Fred Held – Fred has been researching his and his wife’s families for over 20 years. He started with his German ancestry and was very successful. Then he successfully tackled his wife’s German, English, and Scottish ancestry. He followed his Polish ancestry with limited success. He and his wife have traveled several times to Germany, England, and Scotland for family research. Currently, he is a librarian at the St. Louis North (Hazelwood) Family History Center and is considered the German research expert at the center. He was an engineer at McDonnell-Douglas for over 30 years before retiring in 1992. He has been a Boy Scout adult leader for 60 years and is a Genealogy Merit Badge counselor. 


Class description: 

My Experiences in German Family Research – Doing family research in old Germany is not the same as doing research in America. These 2-hours will touch on most of the things you need to understand to do research in the old German culture. The details on how to do research are ever changing, but the basics stay the same. This presentation includes: Research aids, name issues, finding your family’s village, reading old German and much more.