Tim Dollens

Tim Dollens – Tim has been ‘hooked on researching his – and others– family history since he was a teenager when his aunt Betty Lou asked him to type up her book, “The Zug, Zuck, Zook Family Trail” – about a branch of his tree. He is Past President of the Genealogical Society of Boone County and Central Missouri and is the current president of the Missouri State Genealogical Association. As a senior associate with the Daniel Boone Regional Library in Columbia, MO, he often helps patrons with their family history.  


Class description: 

Missouri: The Spoiled Brats in Genealogy!– We are the Show Me state for a reason!  Tim will show you why we ARE the spoiled brats of genealogy, whether or not your ancestors were ever in Missouri. Learn about the various records, repositories, databases, and collections, and organizations that make doing family history research in Missouri easier than it is for many people in other states.