Tracy Keeney

Tracy Keeney – Tracy Keeney is a genealogist whose creative methods for researching her difficult to trace genealogy and locating previously unknown records has opened a gate for Armenians around the world. She is the founder of The Armenian Genealogy Group on Facebook, with over 6,600 members spanning the globe.  Additionally, she is one of the three creators of the Armenian Genealogy Conference, held in Boston in 2016 and Detroit in 2017.  She is in the process of creating and formalizing an Armenian genealogical society.   


Class description: 

Social Media & A Search Engine– This class will focus on the ways social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Linked-In etc., can aide in genealogy research and finding descendants of common ancestors who may hold solutions to breaking down brick walls.  Additionally, attendees will learn how to use their search engine to find lesser known records, books, databases and personal memoirs currently unavailable through sites like Ancestry and FamilySearch.  These are simple techniques that even those who are “genealogy pros” are often unaware of, making the presentation useful to those who are just beginning their genealogy quest and those who’ve been pursuing it for decades. 


 Genocide & Genealogy: Tracing your Armenian, Assyrian or Greek Family Tree in Pre-1920 Turkey Part 1 & 2 – This class will share information and tools needed to discover existing records of ancestors before and after the 1915 genocide of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey. We will dispel the overwhelmingly believed misinformation that no records exist. We will learn how to use records of immigrant ancestors to America, find information in Turkey and elsewhere and learn about the ongoing efforts to find and translate records in those other countries. Learn where and how to search the ones already completed and what you can do personally to collaborate with others in making the records available for everyone.