John Dougan

John is the Missouri State Archivist, the chief administrator for the Records and Archives Division of the Office of the Missouri Secretary of State. The Archives preserves and provides access for Missouri’s records onsite and through their award-winning Missouri Digital Heritage and Missouri State Archives websites.


Property Ownership Maps: A Case Study – Early settlement groups often lived within walking distance of one another.  Later, families spread out but still stayed in close proximity to others. Land survey maps, patent maps, partitions plats, and other property ownership maps graphically illustrate these details in ways textual records cannot.  This session will provide you with research strategies, tips and examples that will help you get more from your research.

Time: 12:30-1:30pm| October 13, 2018 

The Missouri State Archives: Where History Begins and Continues – If you have Missouri ancestors, one of the first places to start researching is the Missouri State Archives website.  More experienced researchers return and request more detailed records by email because they understand the wealth of information available from the Archives.  This session provides an overview of the Archives’ records most requested for genealogical research.

Time: 1:45-2:45pm  | October 13, 2018