Tim Dollens

Tim has been ‘hooked on researching his – and others-- family history since he was a teenager when his aunt Betty Lou asked him to type up her book, “The Zug, Zuck, Zook Family Trail” – about a branch of his tree. He is Past President of the Genealogical Society of Boone County and Central Missouri and is the current president of the Missouri State Genealogical Association. As a senior associate with the Daniel Boone Regional Library in Columbia, MO, he often helps patrons with their family history.


Death's Doings: Clues You Find When Someone Dies – The death process in our culture produces a lot of records we genealogists love to get our hands on.  Many of these records provide the clues to the deceased past. We will examine these “clues” and hopefully help you find those that will add “leaves” to you family tree. “You’ll dig it once you hear it!”

Time: 10:30-11:30am | October 13, 2018 

Goin' Courtin’: Basic Courthouse Research – The American Court House is our one source for primary documents about our ancestor’s lives that put them in a time and a place.  Whether it’s a birth record, marriage license, land record, will or tax record, we will discuss these and many more “treasures” in the different offices of our government system.  Tim will also give pointers on how to “conduct yourself” in the presence of the court’s staff!

Time: 12:30-1:30pm  | October 13, 2018